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U.N. mulling climate bonds

Clean-energy projects eyed

By Alex Morales BLOOMBERG NEWS | Saturday, May 31, 2008

The United Nations is considering a new type of bond that would spur investment in clean-energy projects in the developing world. The so-called climate bonds would be sold to investors by developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, said Yvo de Boer, the U.N.'s top climate-change official. [more]

How to win the climate war: dig into your pocket for victory

Going green will costs billions. The way to raise the money is to issue modern war bonds and raise an army of investors James Cameron

Some of the most effective - and beautifully executed - British propaganda of the Second World War concerned the selling of war bonds. A little boy and his toy crane were pictured above a caption that read: “Lend to defend his right to be free.” Another had a mother and daughter staring into a rising sun above a line which read: “The Dawn of Victory, worth fighting for - worth saving for.” [more]

Q & A with James Cameron on Climate bonds

Cameron is an Executive Director and Vice Chairman of Climate Change Capital, an investment management and advisory firm specialising in the opportunities generated by the global transition to the low carbon economy. [more]

From War Bonds to Environment Bonds

New York Times April 20, 2009

By James Kanter
Bloomberg News James Cameron of Climate Change Capital, said climate bonds, like war bonds, could help combat global warming and spur development of clean tech.

James Cameron, an executive director of Climate Change Capital, an investment company, is proposing creating “environment bonds” similar to bonds created by governments during the 20th century to fund efforts to fight World War II. [more]

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